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Kabibi and Hotline!
Wow-The foal should be nice and have a pretty head like Mom.
I enjoy visiting your website to see your lovely horses

marleen Top 


I am Marleen and coming from the Netherlands. We are looking for Suzanne Copley. I saw her name on your website.. We stayed with her 15 years ago, as a student to learn about horses, and had a very nice time. She had a stallion Michael Angelo. When i was home again we lost contact. I would like to know how she is and let her know how we are. Is it the same Susanne Copley? In that time she lived in Newberry Florida.. Hope you can help.

Marleen Top
Janzenstraat 78
1781RD nederland

Stacy Williams 

Hi Mary Lou-
I found your website because I was searching for the latest info on my gelding's "baby daddy" Fidertanz...Just for kicks take a look at my blog. I too lost a beloved horse to colic, two months ago. She is the mother of my Fidertanz son. There are pictures of both of them scattered through my blog, and pictures of him under saddle on the photos page. www.scwdressage.blogspot.com
I was very touched by your tribute to Gipetto. I feel every ounce of your pain. I was CERTAIN I'd be old and grey before Charisma left me. Thanking my lucky stars to have her son.
If anyone asks about Fidertanz foals, mine is a dream to ride. He was a dream to start. Easy, elastic, soft mouth, soft gaits, supple back, lots of expression and presence, I love him to pieces. Things it took me years to teach his mother, he does naturally. Never sat on a more balanced, supple horse in my life. At 2.5, he carries himself better and is more obedient to the aids than most horses who have been under saddle for years. He's very laid back, and in fact that's my only complaint. He can be a little too laid back in day to day situations, but, he is quite young and I expect once he has less energy spent on growing he'll have more gas in the tank.
Enjoy your breeding operation, I do envy you that. I love to study pedigrees. I spent years searching for the right stallion for Charisma. Knowing your mare is so important and you are clearly very good at making the right matches.
Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
Stacy Williams.

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